U1 Technologies has developed a next-generation publish-and-subscribe messaging platform called AmbrosiaMQ™, which has been powering distributed applications for over a decade. The product was designed and constructed with three core requirements:

  • ultra-high performance and reliability — there will always be trade-offs between these two requirements (we can't alter physics); but by focusing on the nexus of the two — and doing so in real-world deployments — we have evolved a solution that will meet or beat any other software-based messaging solution on the market;
  • simplicity — most mature messaging solutions grow in size and complexity with each new release, adding baggage and unwanted complexity. Our focus has always been on maintaining a pure, elegant architecture for ease-of-development and maintenance — to get the job done quickly, and much more cost effectively.
  • extensibility — we call AmbrosiaMQ™ “next generation messaging” for a reason: the JMS spec was last updated in April 2002, yet our customers continue to demand more. We've worked collaboratively with them to develop a set of JMS extensions that enable critical new capabilities required in large scale distributed applications.

AmbrosiaMQ™ is plug-compatible with any JMS implementation, and our JMS extensions can easily be added to bring powerful new capabilities to your distributed applications. For those applications requiring ultra-high “on-the-wire” performance, we also offer a proprietary API that delivers extremely low-latency, high-performance data transfer over both public and private networks.

For more information on AmbrosiaMQ™, and to secure a free trial license, please contact us at 415-480-0318, or solutions@u1.com